Hello! I am so happy that you are here. My name is Suma and I am the founder of The Happy Hands Store. The story of this store starts almost when I was born. That is when I got to wear my very first hand-knit sweater, made by my Atthai (father’s sister), who is an expert knitter. My sister and I grew up wearing hand knits made by her. When I was around 7, I remember seeing her knit and asking her to teach me. Me living in Pune and she being in Mysore meant that I never really got to learn from her. I got busy with my engineering studies and went on do an MBA. In the cold winter days in Pune, my aunt’s hand knits provided the warmth that no machine knits could match. I’d say that it is because of the love that goes into every stitch. Fast forward to a time when we moved to Bangalore in 2008. After having quit my job in IT I was wondering if I should get back to another full time job. I decided to use my free time learning to knit from YouTube. I realised while learning that I was allergic to acrylic. Fellow knitter friends told me that natural fibres was the way to go for me. It was then that I realised that pure wool was almost impossible to procure in India. Traveling abroad with my husband meant visit to yarn stores, petting lovely yarn and stocking up on as much wool and other gorgeous fibres as our bags could carry. I always wished that we had access to such lovely yarns in India.  

Fuelled by this dream, in 2013, this store was born. I wanted knitters / crocheters in India to experience yarns from various countries and work with various fibres. I wanted them to feel the squishy comfort of Merino wool, the sheen of silk, the romance of mohair, the robustness of cotton and the list goes on. I’d like to think the store is a bit like my favourite book – The Magic Faraway Tree by Enid Blyton. For those who cannot knit, there is a selection of hand knits designed by me, made from these very yarns. There may not be too many items here since we design in-house and take time to lovingly make each item; our knitters don’t have deadlines. 

So that is our story. Do browse and let us know what you think – we would love to hear from you. Our store is best browsed with your favourite beverage in hand and a little time to dream. Trust us, you will need it.